Overland Travelers

We also welcome Overland Travelers to Angel Valley Bed and Breakfast. We have 3 – 4 campsites depending on vehicle size. We do not have sewage dumpage, so your vehicle must stay self-contained while on premises. Our property is gated and offers secure parking for your vehicle and belongings. You will be provided bathroom facilities with shower and courtesy WiFi. Breakfast is available at an additional charge.  

No sewer available.

Please let us know if you have pets traveling with you.  While they are more than welcome, they are restricted to your campsite and must be on a leash when being walked. However, as a courtesy to our other guests’ pets, are not allowed in the house or on the immediate grounds of the Bed and Breakfast. 

For those needing a break from camping and wanting to be pampered, we have rooms available. Daily, weekly or long-term stays are available.  Please contact us in advance to ensure availability.